Conservation & Restoration
Authentication, Condition & Valuation
The Pocock Gallery offers qualified research, authentication and valuation of works
of art by listed artists of note through its own expertise, an expansive research library
supported by multiple online databases, and a network of corresponding recognized
specialists on a number of specific artists.  

Stuart Pocock is also a respected specialist in the works of a number of noted
American and European Artists and in particular, paintings by Johann Berthelsen
(1883 - 1972);  Emile A. Gruppé (1896 - 1978);  Nicola Simbari (1927 - 2012); Le
Pho (1907 - 2001); Richard Hayley Lever (1875 - 1958); Jane Peterson
(1876-1965);  Anthony Thieme (1888 - 1954); Elie Anatole Pavil (1873-1944) and
William Lester Stevens (American, 1888 - 1969), among many others.  

Conclusive research produces documented letters of authentication and detailed  
descriptions of the condition of the work of art.  Objective valuation is derived from a
number of variables that include the condition of the painting, its subject-matter, the
quality of execution, as well as comparable merit based on the well-researched
realities of the marketplace through auction and gallery pricing.

The Gallery also offers comprehensive verbal valuations, opinion of authenticity and
analysis of condition to the general public, for a nominal charge.   
Museum Quality Custom Framing
The appeal of any work of art is undoubtedly affected by the choice and condition of the if
such a replacement more suitably compliments the work it houses.  Needless to say, the
original frame is retained if it is significant to the importance, value or validity of the work.

The selection of an appropriate frame warrants careful considerations - an exercise that
benefits from professional advice.  The Pocock Gallery is well known for its featured framing
services and offers museum-quality and archival framing at surprisingly affordable costs.

Our offerings include a wonderful selection of hand-carved 22K gold or silver leaf frames,
custom made to our specifications by one of the most respected artisanal workshops in the
country.  We also offer a large selection of highly affordable ready-made frames, available in
numerous standard sizes and styles.  Further, our broad selection of carefully chosen
moldings, can be custom cut to order and to fit a broad variety of decorative styles.

For original watercolors, drawings and works on paper, including multiples such as
lithographs and photographs, The Pocock Gallery provide tasteful options for true archival  
acid-free framing and museum-mount, under True-Vue® Museum and Conservation glass.

When dealing with the Pocock Gallery, our clients are guaranteed that the work is done
correctly, using leading techniques and materials available. We readily assist our clients in
selecting the most complimentary frame to reflect the appeal of the artwork it adorns.
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vast and broad experiences in all facets of the art
market.  He offers this knowledge and expertise to
his clients, guiding both seasoned and novice art
collections.   collections that have substance and
merit and yes, investment value.

Since its founding in 1982, the Pocock Gallery has
established a number of important and recognized
art collections, for private, corporate and
institutional clients throughout the country and

We are indeed proud of the service we have
provided to all of our clients who seek advice in
establishing their collections.  The breadth of quality
and value we offer through our  Gallery inventory is
quite impressive.  Novice or established collectors
will find  easily add to their collection at virtually
any budget level.  In fact, one does not have to
spend a fortune for museum-quality paitings of
great merit that  at the Pocock Gallery.

.  have provided , either through paintings sold
exclusively through the Gallery or with our
assistance as consultants and advisors.

Our services include researching, authenticating and

As a service to its clients, the Pocock Gallery offers
consultation on the acquisition of single paitings ,
Stuart Pocock personally works with his clients to
help them achieve their collecting goals

It is with a great sense of accomplishements that
The Pocock Gallery has established a number of
important private and corporate collections by
working closely with tis clients to achieve to satisfy
the needs of its clientele.  In addition, the gallery
has also supplied works to Museum and important
institutional collections seeking one or more works.

Stuart Pocock works closely with his clients to
achieve building collections to meet specific needs.  
The Pocock Gallery offers professional conservation and
performed in-house or by  trusted art conservators and
restorers who work closely with the gallery.

We  provide complimentary verbal estimates and candidly
advise our clients regarding the merit of an investment in the
conservation and/or restoration of any work, based on the
value and importance of the painting.  

Conservation is one of the most important facets of
ownership of any work of art.  Proper care of your
investment will heighten the enjoyment and value of the
work, as well as ensuring that any degradation is recognized
and stabilized before any further damage takes place.

If a paintings is in need of restoration, it is critical to address
it as soon as possible to stabilize the condition and prevent
further degradation.  

Our professional services include:

  • Renewing inconsistent varnish layers;
  • Removal of yellowed or inconsistent varnish layer;
  • Reversible non-yellowing varnishing;
  • Cleaning of pigment layer;
  • Reversing dimpling or localized stretching to the
    canvas layer;
  • Keying;
  • Re-attaching and re-stretching the original canvas to
    the original or to a replacement Stretcher;
  • Fabrication of replacement stretchers;
  • Restoration of a punctured or torn canvas layer;
  • Strip Linings;
  • Full linings, reversal of linings and re-linings.
  • Filling and in-paiting.

It is important to note that all restoration work performed
through Pocock Fine Art is fully reversible, using sanctioned
museum protocols and the most up to date technology.

Paintings in the collection

We seldom offer paintings that have undergone extensive
restoration as generally this implies a devaluation of the
value of the work.  If a painting has been restored, we
provide full disclosure of condition, and price the painting  
based on the impact such restoration has on its value.

All of the painting offered in the Pocock Gallery's
collections have professionally conserved to showcase the
work as the day it was created by the artist.  This generally
entails the removal of old varnish, surface cleanings of the
pigment layer to address soiling commensurate to exposure
and age, and to reverse localized dimpling or stretching to
the canvas.  The painting is then re-varnished with a fully
reversible non-yellowing varnish.

As an example,
"The Old Homestead" by William Lester
Stevens (American, 1888-1969) pictured to the right.  A
progression of cleanings and finally the framed work in
conserved condition ready for sale.
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Beyond purchasing art and antiques for their singular merit or
The selection can however  sometimes restrictive ideas of
professional decorators get in the way of finding those treasures
that express your own taste, those special objects of virtue that
should be a part of your life because you are drwon to them and
ultimately love them.  There's no better way to express who you
are than this through art.

The old adage that it has to match the curtains is not aways true
and art - especially - has a way of fitting because it stands on its
own.  Buy the art you love and it will fit!  And once in a while,
move things around and see how wonderful it all becomes once

What is interesting however, is that special pieces can stand on
their own and actually can become more appealing, because they
stand out, rather than 'fitting.'  
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Our mailing and shipping address:
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POCOCK Fine Art & Antiques
Tel. 954-525-3400 / Cell:  954-557-7277

Our mailing and shipping address:
401 E. Las Olas Blvd. Suite Nº. 130-163,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 ~ USA