Originally founded in 1982 by Pauline Pocock after the family's
move from Europe, the Pocock Gallery has occupied three full
service retail locations on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.

The latest gallery opened in 2005.  It was specifically built to
house the growing collection of fine and important fully curated
museum-quality paintings and watercolors it held, with an
enphasys on works by well listed American and European artist's
of the 19th and 20th centuries.  In this inviting salon-like setting
that also showcased an ever-changing selection of period antiques
and objects of virtue, the Pocock collection became further
recognized among the leading fine art galleries in the South-East.
The Pocock collection is also always interested in acquiring works
of art by listed artists of note and in particular, oil paintings and
works on paper by American and European artists of the early to
mid’ 20th Century.  We openly work with you to determine a fair
price based on appropriate valuation derived through comparables
and the realities of the marketplace. Although we prefer to buy
outright and provide immediate payment, we gladly will also work
on a consignment basis under favorable terms.  
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Stuart Pocock, proprietor of Pocock Fine Art & Antiques
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about us
Museum-Quality Fine Art
Museum-Quality Fine Art
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Stuart J. A. Pocock
POCOCK Fine Art & Antiques
Tel. 954-525-3400 / Cell:  954-557-7277

Our mailing and shipping address:
401 E. Las Olas Blvd. Suite Nº. 130-163,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 ~ USA
POCOCK Fine Art & Antiques
Tel. 954-525-3400 / Cell:  954-557-7277

Our mailing and shipping address:
401 E. Las Olas Blvd. Suite Nº. 130-163,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 ~ USA
Museum Quality Antiques and Fine Art in Florida
With a long established history as art dealers and with a flawless
reputation among its customers and within the industry, the gallery
flourished under Stuart Pocock's direction, readily catering to a
growing clientele that has included second and third generation art
lovers from our earliest clients.  Pocock Fine Art's offerings have
also been showcased on the pocockfineart.com website and a
number of Internet art portals, further expanding the exposure and
reach of the Pocock collection.  

The gallery's website and Internet presence has, in fact, proved
very successful in generating a number of great sales in recent
years, from wonderfully valued paintings priced well under a
thousand Dollars to works in the six figures and to clients that
have never stepped foot in our retail galleries.   This facet of the
Pocock Fine Art business has been steadily growing and is a
reflection of the new retail landscape of the modern Internet age,
one that the Pocock family has embraced fully.

At the end of the 2018 Winter Season, and with the incentive of
someone who wanted to occupy our beautifully designed spaces,
we closed the retail gallery on Las Olas.  The street that we called
home for over 36 years was no longer the draw it once was and,
like many prominent dealers through the country and in Europe,
the Pocock gallery is now operating exclusively by appointment
and through the website, doing so for little comparative cost.  

Through our Internet presence, the Pocock Collection continues
to offer an outstanding selection of sensibly valued artworks as
private dealers and though the website, enabling us to still reach
new customers around the country and overseas, collectors who
appreciate the quality and value that we provide.  This also holds
true for so many loyal clients that have known our retail gallery
presence well over the years, yet continue to visit the website
regularly and are happy to make their purchases online.  

This natural evolution for the Pocock Fine Art Gallery has also
allowed us to expand the curatorial and advisory facet of the
business, helping to further grow the relationship with a number of
important collection throughout the country.  Indeed, by
abandoning the constraints imposed by
retail hours, our schedule
has become more flexible and social, thereby allowing us to more
personally place targetted works of art with receptive collectors
and institutions.
Pauline B. Pocock
A Family's Legacy...

A History of Pocock
Fine Art & Antiques
As an enthusiastic second-generation dealer who readily shares his
knowledge and passion with his clients, Stuart Pocock has helped
establish a number of important private and corporate collections,
as well as placing and loaning works of art with institutions and
museums worldwide.

It is under his direction that Pocock Fine Art has become well
known for specializing in American and European Impressionist
Paintings of the early to mid 20th century.  However, it is not
surprising that the fully curated collection is quite varied,  ranging
from 16th Century Old Master paintings, Academic and Barbizon
and even Abstract Expressionist.  Indeed, Stuart presents a
diversified assortment of original works by nominated and listed
artists and subjects to entice the interest and budget of any
starting or seasoned collectors alike.  

In everything he showcases, the premise is merit:  Works of
quality by well listed artist of note, with intrinsic value and appeal
so as to cater to the eye of any receptive collector.  Each original
painting, watercolor and drawing offered in the Pocock collection
is appropriately conserved, beautifully framed and sensibly
valued.  Further, every item is fully researched and properly
described, with authenticity, provenance and documented
condition all fully guaranteed.

Stuart strives to cater to your tastes and look forward to the
opportunity to add you to his long list of satisfied and repeat
clients.  You are invited to review the gallery's online collection
and to
contact us with your interests, questions or comments.  
You are always assured a timely, courteous and personal reply.  
'Dealing in Art is not a just a job...
This is my passion!'
By Appointment...
Please call 954-525-3400
or email
stuart@pocockfineart.com directly
to make arrangements.