became an established private Modern Art dealer by the early 1960s.
Through her contacts, Pauline also pursued an interest in period
antiques and soon emerged as one of the foremost period antiques
dealers in Italy, working exclusively by appointment in her private
showrooms in Rome and Milan.   
Neil and Pauline Pocock at a reception
with the Mayor of Rome (center), 1959
A Family's Legacy...
Pauline’s fine eye and
blossoming knowledge
in period English
furniture, Georgian
Silver and 19th Century
British painters, was
well received among
Italian and ex-patriate
clients always eager to
acquire fine quality and
appropriately valued
antiques. Through her
personal  connections
among many fine
English dealers, Pauline
found these treasures
scouring the British
countryside, often
accompanied on these
buying trips by her
young children, Andrew
and Stuart Pocock.
Fine Art Fort Lauderdale
Surrounded by treasures and the adventure of the “hunt,” the young
boys started a sweeping education that would eventually become a
Pauline with Italian Modern Art
After nearly 20 successful years in Italy - in
1980 the Pocock family settled in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida.  Despite a quasi-
retirement ideal of life in South Florida,
Pauline’s passion could not be quelled.  She
soon opened Pauline Pocock Antiques in the
Gallery’s first location, a showroom in the
Georgian taste on the then fashionable 2400
block of Las Olas Boulevard.

Admired for her singular flair and evident
knowledge, Pauline’s new shop became an
immediate success.  She readily garnered a
following among connoisseurs, prominent
decorators and starting collectors eager to
learn about the fineries of art and antiques.  
The relationship with her clients was always
personal and friendly.  Indeed, even after a
quarter of a century the Gallery still enjoys
these first clients’ patronage.  It is always a
treat to see them come through the door.

In 1983 Andrew Pocock joined the firm full
time, contributing his own knowledgeable
individuality to the shop.   Andrew rapidly
developed a following among his clientele
and became recognized for his expertise in
fine art and period antiques, particularly early
American furniture.
Pauline, among the collection of Italian
contemporary Art pieces of the period, 1966
The Gallery flourished, in great part because of the quality of its
offerings, the always beautiful
vignette presentations and the
excellent values provided to its clients.  Before long, Pauline Pocock
Antiques became know as one of the premier Fine Art and Antique
destination in South Florida.  A reputation of being a “dealer's
dealer” was deserved, as the excellent values allowed prominent
Northern dealers to purchase quality pieces for resale, still affording
them healthy margins.  The Gallery’s private clients of course
always enjoyed the same value - and continue to do so today.    

Over time the Gallery’s interest encompassed more fine art,
particularly old master paintings and 19th Century American,
Continental and British works.  In 1986 the Gallery opened a full
service conservation studio headed by Fiona Pocock - Pauline’s
daughter and recent graduate of the prestigious
Istituto per l’Arte e
il Restauro
in Florence, Italy.
Pauline Pocock Antiques Las Olas
Pauline, in the front room at the Gallery's old Las Olas location, in 1996
By this time, the Gallery had
moved to 607 East Las Olas
Boulevard, the home of
Pauline Pocock Antiques for
over 17 years.  

The inviting space was set
up as a formal country
home.   In its new location,
the Pocock Gallery became
a draw for an even more
far-reaching clientele who
had discovered the shop
through word of mouth,
advertising and articles in
fine art and antique
magazines, or simply by
chance while visiting Fort
Although involved behind the scenes for many years, Stuart
Pocock formally joined the firm full time in 1999. He contributed
his avid interest in Fine Art and helped further transition the
emphasis for the collection towards museum quality fine art and
original painting -  and in particular, works by early 20th Century
Impressionist painters.  

However, changes were in the air…
Fiona married and moved to Alexandria, Virginia.  There - on
King Street in Old Town - she opened “Boxwood Antiques” as a
satellite to the South Florida gallery.  In her new surroundings,
she was also able to pursue her passion for
plein air painting,
which has ultimately become her career.  
Based on Fiona's academic experience in the arts, it is certainly
not surprising that she has emerged as a very talented painter.  
Fiona Pocock Corn
"View of the Capitol"
Oil on Board, 16" x 16" - signed lower right
Her award winning original works
can be found not only in the Pocock
Fine Art Contemporary Collection,
but also among the collections of
other fine and nationally recognized
Galleries across America.  Although
it is challenging for her to find time
to paint with three young children,
any new campaign produces a new
level of excellence in her work.

Andrew, married with two beautiful
children, decided to rekindle his
always-strong connections to
Europe and expose his family to a
similar lifestyle afforded him in his
youth by his parents.  

In September 2003, Andrew and his
family moved to Monte Carlo,
Monaco, where Andrew and
Beatrice, his wife, opened their own
Fine Art and Antiques gallery on
Boulevard d’Italie (
Pocock &
).  Beatrice, with the
strength of her own academic
knowledge, also promotes important
examples of Italian Old Master
paintings to private, corporate and
Museums collections.
& Antiques continued to develop as Stuart and Pauline sustained
a further transition toward fine and important paintings.  They
fortified the interest in the Cape Ann painters, an important
regional facet of the American Impressionist Movement.  
Through this interest, Pocock Fine Art has become recognized
for its expertise in the work of Emile A. Gruppé (1896 – 1978);
Aldro Hibbard (1886 – 1972); Anthony Thieme (1888 – 1954);
Carl W. Peters (1897 – 1980) and William Lester Stevens
(American, 1888 – 1969), among many others.  

Stuart Pocock is also known for specializing in the work of
Johann Berthelsen (1883 – 1972), the highly regarded American
artist whose works have received much attention at auction in
the last few years.  The artist is best known for his wonderfully
depicted nocturnal paintings and poetic snow-clad New York
city street scenes,
examples of which can
invariably be found in
the Gallery’s collection.

In February 2005, the
Gallery moved to its
current home at 1200
East Las Olas Blvd.,
where Stuart Pocock
formally took over the
direction of
Fine Art & Antiques

Despite weakening
health, yet consumately
driven by her passion,
Pauline made celebrated
visits to the new gallery
virtually every day.   
The new Gallery was specifically designed to hold the Pocock
Collection of art that at any time includes between 200 and 250
original oil paintings.  Through this inventory and an impressive
selection of Period Furniture and Objects of Virtue, the Pocock
family continues to offer carefully selected treasures to meet
varied interests and virtually any budget.  

It is  in this elegant
“Salon” like setting, that an ever-changing
exhibition of sensibly priced gems are available to our customers,
patrons and clients, through gracious personal attention.
A New Era...
This article continues on the next column;
Pauline B. Pocock
After a courageous battle against a slough
of medical setbacks, the glowing flame of
life that burned so brightly in Pauline
Pocock was  extinguished on May 27,

Pauline is remembered by her husband,
her children and 7 beautiful grandchildren
who adored her.  She is also remembered
by so many friends, countless people
touched by her spirit and the generosity of
her time.  Anyone who knew Pauline will
agree that she shall not easily be forgotten.

Some have said it is an end of an era –
and indeed it is. But it is also the beginning
of a new era, one built on the foundation
laid by a true mentor and supported by the
family’s history in the arts.  The Pococks'
continuing story as Fine Art and Antiques
dealers is kindled by the memories of
Pauline and the values imparted to her
successors.  It flourishes through their
enthusiasm for the beautiful things in life,
shared with their children, clients and

What Stuart Pocock now shares in his
Gallery, is Pauline's continuing legacy for
a new generation of art lovers.  
young couple with a flair for discovery, Pauline Pocock
and her husband Neil settled in Rome, Italy, in 1959.  
With an academic background in the arts, Pauline
Fiona P. Corn
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