Dear Stuart...
Received your note and check this morning!  I am
so very pleased with the sale of my painting to
you.  It truly has been a pleasure.

All the very best ~ Pat B. (San Diego, CA)
Thank you for all the time you spent with my
mother and I researching the artwork in my father's
collection.  Your advice has been invaluable.

Cheryl (Aventura, FL)
Hello Stuart... Just a quick note to let you know we
received your check and deposited it today.  I can't tell
you how pleased we have been with the whole
transaction and are thankful to have found you and
your fine gallery.

Wishing you all the very best,

Peter and Rose P. (New Orleans, LA)
Just a note to let you know the
Berthelsens arrived safe and sound
yesterday - and they're
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  I absolutely love the
way you had them framed. Today's
project of love will be to hang them.

Thanks again.
     Kriss & Ken (Cleveland OH)
The wire (transfer) just arrived.  
Thank you, it was a pleasure doing

Bill E. (Portland, OR)

I came to your site via a Wikipedia article on Anthony Thieme.

You seem consistently to select fascinating work in the
impressionistic world. I am at the point of developing my
brushwork, and your selections almost invariably show
brushwork of exceptional merit or skill, or both.

Thanks much... Dave G. (Boston, MA)

It was a pleasure meeting you and visiting your lovely
shop.  We love our new painting and will definitely visit
you again when next in Fort Lauderdale.

Jim and Carole H. (Chicago, IL)
Dear Stuart,

You took time with me while I visited PPA and gave me
information about Emile Gruppé and his book on color, the
limited palette, etc.  I wanted to thank you for your expertise,
your time and kindness.  I am testing some of his methods
and I am very pleased.  It seems to be providential that I
visited your distinctive, excellent gallery in November...
Thanks again.


Kevin H. G. (Marietta, GA)
Dear Stuart and Mrs. Pocock,

Thank you for all your patience in leading us through the     
acquisition of our lovely paintings and lamps.  We enjoyed
meeting you both and look forward not only to future visits
to your shop, but also to renewing our acquaintanceship.

Again, many thanks for your infinite patience!

                  Stephen and Karen N. (Kennebunkport, ME)

Just a quick note to thank you many
times over for the time you spent researching
my painting with me.  I learned so much from
the experience and my parents would be happy
to know that their artwork ended up with you.  
I know you will find a good home for it  and
again, I thank you for making the sale such a
comfortable and informative experience.   

Best Wishes,
        James D. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Dearest Stuart:

Thank you for taking so much time  helping us
select the frames for our collection of
paintings.  You attention to detail, quality of
selections and level of professionalism are
simply outstanding.  We couldn't be more
pleased with the end result and the artwork
now shines.   

What a difference the right frame makes!  


 John and Diane F. (Palm Beach, FL)
Dear Stuart...

Here is the picture I promised of the
painting in its new home.  The perfect
setting turned out to be in the center hall
downstairs and changed the space
completely.  Thank you so very much for
all your help and we look forward to
seeing you again next spring.

Jill (Woodstock, VT)
Dear Mr. Pocock,

Enclosed find our check for the purchase of the
painting by Aldro Hibbard.  We very much look
forward to receiving the it once we return to the City.  
I'll confirm that date with you by email.

Natalie and I want to thank you for working with us
to make the purchase a reality.  We love the work and
have wanted a painting by Hibbard for some time.  
Our "Winter Landscape" is perfect and will be a  
welcomed addition to our collection.  

We would like to also mention that we were very
taken by your breadth of knowledge and your
enthusiasm.  It is obvious you have a love for what
you do.  It made us feel very comfortable and we
genuinely appreciate the time and care you took in
assisting us with our decisions.  

         Alfred and Natalie M. (New York, NY)
From "" article on the gallery:

...'Walking into the gallery is like entering a museum, and undoubtedly there are more than enough incredible
works lining the walls to fill a respectable museum. While there is an endless supply of art for sale in South
Florida specifically marketed to the tourist market, this art most certainly does not fall into that category.

With an emphasis on impressionist paintings of the early to mid 20th century, the art and antiques in the Pocock
Gallery are fit for the walls and rooms of the most discerning collectors and the gallery is easily in the same
league as the best galleries in New York and Europe. The gallery itself is reminiscent of the most luxurious of
royal salons, decadent and rich, but at the same time very warm and inviting'...

....'Everywhere that I travel, I like to meet good people. “Good” is quite an ambiguous word, but I take it to
mean many things; kind, knowledgeable, genuine, honest… Having worked in the fashion industry for long
enough, I have honed my senses to quickly identify the good people, because in life they are all too rare and are
truly worth surrounding oneself with. In an art world filled with many people of questionable motives and
morals, Stuart Pocock manages to be all of these things.'

Nick Zantrop, Author and Photographer, California
Dear Stuart:

Denise and I were thrilled to see the three
paitings in their new frames.  We         
kept staring at them; the frames brought
the works to life.  Details that we had not
noticed before appeared before our
eyes!          Thank you so much; plus, your
fee is very fair...

Dean and Denise P. (Winchester, MA)
Dear Stuart:

I had to take a few minutes out of my day to
thank you for thinking of me for the William
Lester Stevens.  As you said, "it will look
spectacular on the wall with the right lighting"...
And it does!  Your mannerism and
professionalism were perfect and far exceed
most of today's standards.

Thank you once again for offering the painting
to me.  I now certainly have a passion for
Stevens' works and pray for another e-mail
from you with another offering.


Dale F. (Marlborough, MA)
Dear Mr. Pocock:

Your check arrived this morning as promised.  
Thank you.

Thank you also for making the sale of our two
paintings so easy.  At first we were a little
apprehensive because of the long distances, but
after talking with you we could tell we were
dealing with an honest person.  Difficult to
find nowadays!  

Anyway, we are grateful that everything
worked out the way it did.  We will send out
the letter you requested shortly by regular mail.

Lory G. (Santa Rosa, CA)
Hello Stuart.

The painting was delivered today.  The box was a little damaged,
but your packing is so good that nothing happened to the artwork.  
It is always such a pleasure to do business with you and I look
forward to our continuing relationship.

Les F. (Philadelphia, PA)

The Gruppé is better than expected - and
thats saying a lot.  Love the frame too.  I'll
send you a picture once we have it hanging.

Best... Russel S. (Falls Church, VA)
Dear Stuart,

Thank you so much for the 'art tour' - I
think it was the highlight of Sue and
Brian's visit to South Florida...

...I could live in your shop, Stuart.  
Everywhere the eye falls, there is
something beautiful to see.  

Sheila (Miami Beach, FL)
Hello Stuart...

...You have a keen eye and it shows in
everything exhibited in your fine
gallery.  I am very happy with the
latest purchase that now has a
prominent place in my own collection.

Thank you,

Allen S. (Greenwich, CT)
Thank you for assisting me in the valuation of my
artwork.  Your honest and knowledgeable opinion saved
me a lot of time and effort.  
                        Charles B. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
The paintings arrived safe and sound... Thank you
Stuart for being so efficient!  A rare quality in the
art world.
  Pat P. (Art Dealer in Philadelphia, PA)
Thank you for your payment Stuart.  
The funds were deposited in our
account yesterday.  A pleasure doing
business with you and we wish you
continued success.

Craig & Dylan (Phoenix, AZ)
Hello Mr. Pocock.

Your offer has been the strongest one from any dealer by far.  Apart from that, I
also feel more confident dealing with you after our telephone conversation.  I  
therefore would like to proceed with the sale of my painting to your gallery.  
What's the next step?

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Paula B. (Nashville, TN)  
I contacted a number of parties for the sale of my
clients' artwork and you are the only one that has
bothered to write back more than three words to me.  I
thank you for all the information you provided me and
appreciate your candor and constructive suggestions.  

With regard to the single painting that you have
interest in, I will present your offer to my clients as
well as the sales information you provided.  I feel
confident that they will want to proceed with the sale
and will be in touch with you shortly.  
Thank you once again,
                           Mark S. (Coral Gables, FL)
Dear Stuart,

Following your request, I am pleased to
inform you that your check was received
today.  Thank you.

Your kind assistance in putting us in touch
with ----- is also greatly appreciated.  He
spoke very highly of you and your family.  

In light of the way you transacted the
purchase of the art pieces from us, I am
not surprised you enjoy such a fine

Warm regards,

              Simon P. (Naples, FL)
'It is always a treat to spend time at the
Pocock gallery when we visit Fort
                  Review on
Stuart... Thank you for spending time with us in your beautiful
gallery.  It's funny to think that we were a bit intimidated when we
first walked in.  You made us feel right at home.

When the time comes and we are serious about collecting, we know
where to go.    Need to finish college first!  ;)  
Thanks Stuart.
It was wonderful seeing you as always.
Although it was a short visit, we are
thrilled with our newest acquisitions!!
Many thanks again,

Stephanie B. (Montreal, Canada)

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me
today... We are in Palo Alto, CA (home of Stanford
University and approx. 25 minutes south of San

By the way, your gallery appears to be stunning.  I
wish we had them that nice in San Francisco.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks again.

                Bob & Kay P. (Palo Alto, CA)

What a great help you were!  I
can't thank you enough!

With all best wishes,

Larry ~
(Lawrence Vincent, Author of "In Search of Motif Nº. 1)
"One of the great art galleries!"
    Review posted on
Pocock Fine Art is the best art gallery in the area. The selection of artwork is incredible and every
piece is researched, documented and very well priced. The owner has a great eye and every       
painting is framed with superb taste. Have been shopping there for many years and every time we
go in, it seems to be better than the last. We visit some of the best art galleries in the country - the
world - and Pocock's has our highest recommendation.
                                                                                             Review on
Dear Mr. Pocock:

Thank you so much for your detailed response to our
inquiry about the Gordon Grant painting. We all really
appreciate your hard work, honesty and referrals. We
will         diligently follow your advice and contact a few
dealers, and possibly sit on it for five years.

All the best,
                     Rosie M. (Maine)
  Thank you Stuart... I really
appreciate all your help.
You are a true Gentleman.

Herman D. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Dear Stuart,

 I received the painting one minute ago and after such a
long journey, it is totally safe and undamaged, not even a
single scratch!  It looks so beautiful in real life and my wife
and I are so happy to have it in our collection.  Words cannot
describe its charm.  
                                         L.Q., (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
           Dear Mr. Pocock:

We are thrilled with our purchases that
arrived today.  They are already holding
a       prominent place in our collection of
Famille pieces.  Please let us know
     when you find more.

                           Alex S. (Asheville, NC)
Dear Stuart:

I cannot thank you enough for the advice...
It is greatly appreciated.  You have gone
above and beyond our expectations, as we
have no real fine art galleries here. Thanks
                   Kathy W. (Memphis, TN)
Hello Stuart...
...The painting is now hanging on our wall
and its perfect, just as you described.  And
the framing exceptional.  What a difference it
makes to the room and to our art collection...
...From sale through delivery, your service is
really outstanding.   Thank you!

     James & Frances M. (New York, NY)
Dear Pocock Fine Art:  

My wife and I just spent the last hour going through your website and think that your
collection is outstanding and very well presented.  We will be visiting Miami Beach this
winter and will make it a point to stop by your fine establishment.  By the way, we travel
quite a bit and have visited all the best art galleries in the country.  Based on what we
have seen on your website, it is obvious you are among them.
                                                                                                              Simon T. (via email)
Stuart, the painting arrived today...

What a great packing job!  The painting really looks great and your description
of its condition and of the frame was a big help.  I'd like to also thank you for the
packet with the bio and listings on the artist, as that proved very informative.   
Buying art unseen is a daunting challenge, but with your help it turned out to be
an enjoyable experience.  Thanks again, Roger.
                                                                                     Roger H. (Fairport, NY)
Dear Mr. Pocock,
I'm so thankful that even though  my painting didn't
suit your beautiful artwork gallery collection, you
took your time and knowledge to help me.
Have a great day,
Many, many thanks Stuart, the
paintings are simply gorgeous!  
Marsha and Bill S. (Baltimore, MD)
Hi Stuart,
    Again it was a pleasure doing business with you.  
Hope to continue in the future.
                                      Best, Camille (NJ)

     The painting arrived today, and as you
said, it is truly wonderful in presence.   You did a
masterful job with the framing and display, and
it really punctuates the piece nicely.

   The transaction, packaging, shipment, and
associated documentation was first class.

   Thanks so much!  I hope I find my way to another
one of your works.

                            Chris E. (San Diego, CA)
For high end art and antiques, walking into the Pocock is like entering a museum of fine art.
Each piece is magnificently displayed in the most tastefully decorated of settings, superior or
the equal of any art or antique specialty store in the country inclusive of those located in the
prestigious areas of uptown Manhattan. The prices clearly labeled, the staff available,
knowledgeable and helpful but totally unaggressive without any "hard sell" push. Each piece of
work is also available with a proper authentication that you can trust and rely upon.

Even if you can't afford any of it, Pocock is worth a browse and you'll always find yourself
welcome to do so.
                              (Review on